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Throughout my life and in every job opportunity, I gained a ton of experience in dealing with people and their finances along with purchasing big ticketed items, and now, one of the biggest purchases of your life...your home.

I have joined Dominion Lending -Home Capital Solutions.  Dominion Lending is the largest Brokerage in Cananda with over 2600 Agents, 30 Lenders and an impeccable reputation.    Saving clients thousand of dollars and at the same time successfully helping people with real life crisis that come along from time to time.  I will help you through right to the end sometimes a very stressful time, offering you the best advise and great service in assisting you with all your financing needs.


What you need to know

 In today’s complex mortgage market there are significantly different rates based on – insured mortgage vs uninsured mortgage, switch vs refinance, purchase or renewal, principal residence vs rental, salary or self-employed, 600 credit score or 700 credit score, amortization of 20 years to 30 years, type of property condo vs house, and leased land or freehold and how is the new B20 Rules going to affect you when getting approved. Any of these circumstances can mean a difference in thousands of dollars when it comes to your Mortgage.  We offer superior products through Canada's most recognized and respected Lending Institutions and will grant you with accurate up-to-date information that will have your best interest in mind.  


Did you know...

Nearly half of all existing mortgage in Canada will be up for renewal in 2018. Stated in a Financial Post article by Armina Ligaya, CIBC Capital Markets estimates 47% of all existing mortgages will need to be refinanced in 2018. All of this coming on the heels of rising interest rates and changes to key mortgage regulations.

With this renewal number hovering around 50%, almost double from previous years, big banks will be fighting hard to keep their clients and handle their mortgage- as they should. However, is staying with the bank you got your mortgage with 1, 2, 3, even 5-years ago in your best interest?

Think of the rising housing prices, the rule changes to back-end insured mortgages, the multiple stress tests as well as the implementing and removing of programs such as the B.C. Home Partnership Program. All of which has just happened in the past couple of years.

With all these changes, should you not be speaking with a licensed mortgage broker to determine what is in your best interest?  I will have your best interest at heart and help you through this process..call me lets grab a coffee and go over your options...

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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